Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

" 'Father' is the noblest title a man can be given. It is more than a biological role. It signifies a patriarch, a leader, an exemplar, a confidant, a teacher, a hero, a friend and, ultimately, a perfect being." -Elder Robert L. Backman

Happy Father's Day! Like with my Mother's Day post, I wanted to highlight 20 things that I love about my dad! I wish I would've had more time to upload some more pictures of just us, but the move to Florida for the summer kinda caught me off guard, so there are pictures that have my mom and sisters in them. Today he is in New York City to accept an award for the cool company he works for, but he gets back Tuesday. Yesterday we went to Hollywood Beach, about 30 minutes away and also got some ice cream from the Ben and Jerry's Scoop shop on the boardwalk. So fun but so hot and humid!! 

I love how hard a worker you are, and that you provide for your family.
I love that you are a good cook, now we just need to convince you to open that restaurant ;)
I love that you love my mom.
I love that we can watch soccer together, and cheer on Germany and Bayern Munich.
I love that you wear shirts with unique designs on them, like the one below:
He gets compliments every time he wears this shirt.
I love that we can go to concerts together and that we like a lot of the same music. Concerts with you will always be some of my favorite memories.
I love that you tell jokes, even though they can be really corny sometimes ;).
I love that you fulfill your church callings.
I love that you are a worthy Priesthood holder and set a high standard for the kind of guy I want to marry.
I love that you love history and have taught me to love it, so much so that teaching history is going to be my career :).
My sister Alli, my dad, me, Disneyland 2007
I love that you love to read and have introduced me to J.R.R. Tolkien's works.
I love watching "our" movies together, like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, and A Hard Day's Night.
I love that you help me find solutions, even if I sometimes am too proud to be gracious about it.
I love that you take time to spend time with you daughters, individually. I sure love those daddy-daughter dates!
I love that you help me with school, like proofreading my papers.
I love that you know your family history and share stories with me.
I love that you call me Jessi, but you're the only one allowed to call me that :p
I love that if something needs to be fixed, you try to fix it.
I love that you serve others.
I love that I am lucky enough to have you as my dad!

Dad, I sure love you! The memories I have of us are some of my favorite, ever. I hope I can find and marry a guy as great as you are. Happy Father's Day!!

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